Thursday, 1 December 2011

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I created this tut using the art of Joan Palaez. 
Don't forget you need a license to use her work! You can purchase her tubes at CDO

Scrapkit The Looking Glass by Dark Yarrow HERE

This tutorial assumes a basic knowledge of using psp.
As standard I always sharpen resized elements using Adjust>Sharpeness>Unsharp Mask. I usually use these settings but they might need to be adjusted to suit 
Radius 5-Strength 30-Clipping 5.
Open a new image. I did mine 800x800 to give me plenty of space to work in.
You can always crop and resize later if you need to.
Open Mask.png and copy/paste as a new layer.Free rotate Right 90 degrees. Duplicate and reposition so it is next to but overlapping the first copy. Take care to keep it away from the edges of your workspace. Merge down.
It will look something like this.
Copy and paste your tube as a new layer. I placed the tube this early on to make it easier to position the other elements on the tag. Resize if necessary. Add a drop shadow.
The following elements should be placed BELOW the tube layer. Add drop shadows as required but remember some of these elements won't work with a shadow so take care.

Place Walkway.png and drag under the tube layer. Resize 80% and position over to the left.
Ship.png - resize 80% and mirror and position on the tag so the waves appear to blend in with the mask over on the right hand side (see my tag for positioning).
Moon01.png - Resize 60% and position on the tag.
Sparkle - position as required depending on how many sparkles you want on your tag.
Glitter - position behind the tube and immediately above the mask layeras it gives the illusion of splashing water. Resize if you wish. I did mine 80%.

Now you can begin to add the elements above the tube layer, remembering to add drop shadows as you go. Because this tube had hard edges I placed elements to try to disguise that on the tag.
WaterSplash - I placed along the bottom edge of the tube.
Wheel Rotate - right 20 degrees. Resize 50%
Boat02 - also placed along the edge of the rock. I sharpened this one although I didn't resize it.
Flower04 - resize 40%
Flower - resize 30%
GemElement - place behind Flower layer. Sharpen.
Wood - resize 60% and place over the end of the walkway again concealing the hard edge.
Shell01 - Resize 60% 
Shell02 - Resize 40%
Bottle - Resize 28% and free rotate left 30 degrees.
Starfish - (is actually a seahorse lol) Resize 30%
Mesh02 - Resize 80%, Free Rotate left 90%
Merge visible, Resize your tag and sharpen again if needed. Add your credits and text and save as a PNG.


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